COVID-19 vaccine appointments are now easier to come by

Wondering where to get vaccinated? There just might be an open slot at UH. Four hours after the site opened, there were still 600 appointments available.

Video Transcript

MYCAH HATFIELD: At the corner of Holman and Scott Streets. That's actually 3820 Holman Street. It's not drive-through. You will have to go inside. And you do have to register in advance. We have that link on our website. Their goal is to vaccinate 4,000 people today, but they still, at last check, had 1,000 appointments available.

With each vaccine that's given, Texans are just chipping away at getting closer to herd immunity. The State Department of Health shows that about 38% of Texans have been vaccinated. In Harris County, about 22% of people 16 and up have been fully vaccinated. We're still a long way from herd immunity, but we are making progress.

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MYCAH HATFIELD: I mentioned that we aren't seeing the hysteria surrounding these vaccine appointments that we were just a few weeks ago, people calmly walking out right now after having gotten their vaccines. But they are still filling up the appointments. I reached out to the local health departments, who say they're doing outreach to communities, knocking on doors, encouraging people to get vaccinated. And the Houston Health Department says that they are still filling up all of their vaccine appointments every week. But the good news is, is maybe it's becoming a little easier to get one of those appointments. Live on the University of Houston campus, Mycah Hatfield, ABC 13 Eyewitness News.