COVID vaccine eligibility expands in NJ

New Jersey opens up vaccine eligibility to more groups of essential workers on Monday. Here's a full list.

Video Transcript

MATT O'DONNELL: New Jersey expands vaccine eligibility today, and not a moment too soon. The Garden State remains a hotspot for coronavirus spread. Action News reporter Katherine Scott is live at the megasite at the Moorestown Mall in Burlington County to run down which groups are part of the rollout. Good morning, Katherine.

KATHERINE SCOTT: Good morning, Matt. Yeah, as of today, eligibility in New Jersey expands again, so people, more people, can make appointments here at the Burlington County megasite. And across the state, a lot of people, though, are still waiting for their turn to come.

DENNIS EVANS: I'm ready to get out. I'm ready to get out. I'm ready to do some things. So hopefully, with the vaccination, everything will, you know, get back to normal.

KATHERINE SCOTT: Beginning today across New Jersey, eligibility expands to the following groups-- food production, social services support staff, warehousing, hospitality, medical supply, clergy, the judicial system, elections personnel, and postal and shipping services. New Jersey has administered almost 4 million doses of the vaccine as of Sunday. The vaccinations are a cause for optimism, but health officials warn case numbers are going up, so still take precautions.

New Jersey has been ranked 10th in the nation by "Becker's Hospital Review" based on the percentage of available doses administered. According to the data, New Jersey has administered 82% of its available doses. Pennsylvania is ranked 26th, having administered 78%, and Delaware is ranked 33rd with 76%. The governor said vaccine supply is expected to greatly increase by early April.

PHIL MURPHY: We know, folks, there is still a lot of pent-up demand for vaccines. We are hopeful that we are now entering into the last week before our supplies begin to grow significantly and that we can open up many more appointment slots.

KATHERINE SCOTT: Appointment slots here, and at the Burlington County megasite, and across the state. And next Monday, eligibility in New Jersey will expand again. Among the groups being added for next Monday are adults ages 55 and over. We are live in Moorestown. Katherine Scott, Channel 6 Action News. Matt?