New COVID-19 Vaccine Super Site Opened As OC Moves Into State's Orange Tier

On the same day Orange County officially moved into the state's less-restrictive orange tier, a new vaccine super site opened at the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.

Video Transcript

- And Orange County did not wait after getting approval to move into the orange tier of the state's coronavirus reopening guidelines. Starting today, gyms, movie theaters, museums, restaurants and more can allow more customers inside and outside. KCAL 9 Orange County reporter Michelle Gile is at the county's newest vaccination site today, the fairgrounds.

MICHELLE GILE: These Orange County residents are among the first to line up at a new super POD vaccination site that's open today at the fairgrounds in Costa Mesa.

SANDY PICKENS: I'm just going to feel so much better that I have the first vaccination and look forward to the second.

MARK DUNIVENT: All sorts of events are held here at the fairgrounds. So opening it up for a good cause to get everybody vaccinated, I think it's a great thing.

MICHELLE GILE: The OC Fair & Event Center super POD will operate every day of the week until the 3.2 million people who call Orange County home are vaccinated.

KATRINA FOLEY: The vaccination committee's goal is July 1, right? That's our goal, July 1. And hopefully we get there sooner.

MICHELLE GILE: Today is also the day where Orange County can loosen up restrictions as it moves into the orange tier. Places like Golden Road Brewing in Anaheim can serve double the amount of customers, both indoors and outdoors.

SARA O'SHEA: It does allow us to seat up to 100 people on the inside of the building versus 50. And then we still have all of the outdoor capacity for all of the guests and fans that are coming to see Angels play.

MICHELLE GILE: The timing couldn't be better. This brewpub is directly across the street from Angel Stadium. It's the eve of the return of Major League Baseball. And there's great news for Angel baseball fans, now that we've moved into the orange tier. About 5,000 more spectators will be able to purchase tickets for the season home opener Thursday night, as well as for the games this weekend, now that stadium limits have increased.

ASHLEY MONROY: Well, it just makes everyone really happy to just kind of go back to normal life, in a sense. You know, get back to things that we love to do

MICHELLE GILE: Angels tickets are being sold online. In Anaheim, Michelle Gile, KCAL 9 News.