COVID-19 Vaccine Supplies At Esperanza Center Site Outpacing Demand, FEMA Says

Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: Montgomery County is still struggling to meet the demand for COVID-19 vaccines. Across the border, Philadelphia now appears to be at the point where if someone who lives in the city wants a COVID-19 vaccine, they can likely get one. Eyewitness News reporter Matt Petrillo is covering the story for us this evening from North Philadelphia. Matt?

MATT PETRILLO: Ukee, the vaccination site here in Hunting Park is finally catching up with demand, it looks like. It could distribute a few thousand doses a day. And right now, it looks like there is no one in line.

- We want folks to come down.

MATT PETRILLO: A steady stream of people have been filing into the Esperanza Center Wednesday, to get their COVID vaccines at this FEMA-run vaccination clinic here in Hunting Park.

DAVE SCHAEFFER: A little cautious about it, but it probably needs to be done. 'Cause I hear sooner or later, like, you're not going to be able to go places or go in the places unless you have the card.

JUDY RIVERA: I want to get my shot. I want to get better. I want this to get better out here, you know? I'm tired of wearing the masks.

MATT PETRILLO: FEMA officials say the site has plenty of vaccines to put into arms.

- You just need to show that you are a Philadelphia resident.

MATT PETRILLO: This site in Hunting Park is capable of vaccinating up to 3,000 people each day, but it's not even reaching half of that. Last weekend, for instance, officials say a combined 2,000 people received vaccines over Saturday and Sunday.

REGEANE FREDERIQUE: It's time to get it. If you come down to Esperanza, we're willing and ready for you to come in.

MATT PETRILLO: Over at the mass clinic at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, it can administer 6,000 shots per day. But that site also had a few thousand slots available last weekend. It's a stark contrast to Montgomery County.

VALERIE ARKOOSH: Our clinics are pretty full.

MATT PETRILLO: County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh pointing out one state that even with several vaccine sites, MonCo is working to catch up and meet demand, after the number of vaccines it received from the state health department had previously lagged behind.

VALERIE ARKOOSH: We're still working through a lot of people that have been waiting a long time to be vaccinated. And they seem pretty eager to do so.

MATT PETRILLO: And officials also say it appears COVID cases have plateaued in Montgomery County at around 8%. The virus is considered suppressed at 5%. Meantime, here in Philadelphia, officials say despite the expansion of the vaccine rollout, it looks like COVID cases are appearing to trend upward. Live in North Philly, Matt Petrillo, CBS 3 Eyewitness News.