COVID-19 vaccine supply issues plague California

Vaccine supply issues continue to plague California as the state tries to ramp up COVID-19 vaccination efforts. So far 3.2 million doses have been shipped to California and 1.5 million doses administered, the state's top health official said. (Jan. 19)

Video Transcript

MARK GHALY: What we are hearing from all of our partners, whether it's a county partner or a health care delivery system partner, is whatever they have in terms of vaccine is being planned to use now, and some are pretty close to being out of additional vaccine now. And that's why we continue to work with our federal partners. Looking forward, also, to working with the incoming administration to make sure we have as much vaccine as we can get into the state of California.

GRANT COLFAX: All the vaccines allocated to the San Francisco Department of Public Health have either been administered or are earmarked for those who have been scheduled to receive a first dose and those who need a second dose. Given the current state, the DPH vaccine supply will be exhausted by Thursday. Well, I think it's just this really unfortunate lack of-- of reliable supply.

I will give you an example. Last week, we got 12,000 vaccines. We were expecting 12,000 this week, and this week we're only getting 1,775.