COVID-19 Vaccines Delayed After Weather Affects Shipments Across Country

The weather is proving to be one of the latest challenges with getting people vaccinated. CBS 2's Marie Saavedra found stores in the area that have been busy rescheduling canceled appointments.

Video Transcript

- The weather is proving to be one of the latest challenges with getting people vaccinated.

- CBS 2's Marie Saavedra found that stores in the area have been busy re-scheduling canceled appointments.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: Now, these appointments that so many pharmacies are rescheduling are not because people did not show up last week during the bad weather, but instead it's because the vaccines did not arrive on time.

BRITTNEY MANNINEN: My husband and I just found out that we were eligible. We're part of 1B, and we live in DuPage County.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: When Brittney Manninen got the green light to get her vaccine, she started that frantic search for an appointment, and she says she found one for this past Saturday at a Kroger all the way in Normal.

BRITTNEY MANNINEN: It was worth it to us, especially just to protect our family members, to get that little bit of normalcy back, and really for our family's health.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: But before she packed her four-month-old Jack in the car for the road trip, she called ahead to confirm her shot and her husband's.

BRITTNEY MANNINEN: They let us know that they had no vaccines, and really didn't seem to know when they would receive them again.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: Manninen says she was told those delays were due to weather, and that shortage was seen at several vendors across the country. The White House said Friday that last week's storms delayed the delivery of an estimated six million vaccine doses nationwide.

- We anticipate that all the backlog doses will be delivered within the next week, with most being delivered within the next several days.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: Walgreens confirmed to us that weather delayed some of its vaccine shipments. So did the Cook County Department of Public Health. But both have worked to reschedule the affected appointments. Manninen chose not to reschedule hers in Normal.

BRITTNEY MANNINEN: I want to keep looking around, just in case something pops up.

MARIE SAAVEDRA: And it paid off. She got in Friday at the Tinley Park Convention Center vaccination site, and she shared with us this smile of relief.

We reached out to Kroger for comment on the story, but did not hear back by our deadline. Of the people I spoke to today, though, that had been rescheduled, most of them were just for a handful of days, or a week from their original appointment. In the Loop, Marie Saavedra, CBS News.

- We put together a list of all the places offering the COVID vaccine in your area. You can find it on our website, or the CBS Chicago app. Remember, getting an appointment can be challenging, so please be patient.