COVID-19 In Westmoreland County: Plans For Countywide Vaccine Registry On Hold

A plan for a Westmoreland County vaccine registry is now on hold. But one county commissioner says the plan isn't dead; KDKA's Ross Guidotti reports.

Video Transcript

KYM GABLE: As new coronavirus cases drop, a plan for a Westmoreland County vaccine registry is now on hold. The reason? Well, the county says it needs a major provider to help them with the process.

STACY SMITH: But one county commissioner says the plan is not dead. Ross Guidotti is on our Westmoreland County Bureau and has the details, new at 6:30.

ROSS GUIDOTTI (VOICEOVER): If you're looking to try to get a COVID-19 vaccination shot in Westmoreland County, what would you do?

ERICKA ROBINSON: I wouldn't know the first step of where to look at for a vaccine.

ROSS GUIDOTTI (VOICEOVER): Erica Robinson of Greensburg certainly isn't alone.

- A lot of people are confused.

GINA CERILLI: I'm frustrated like everybody else.

ROSS GUIDOTTI (VOICEOVER): Westmoreland County Commissioner Gina Cerilli says, when it comes to constituents asking about the COVID-19 vaccine, her phone has been ringing off the hook.

GINA CERILLI: Senior citizens are calling, crying that they don't know how to get a vaccine. And my heart absolutely breaks for them, because I don't have an answer.

ROSS GUIDOTTI (VOICEOVER): Now county commissioners tried to Institute a countywide registry but hit a wall when it came to getting the county's largest health system Excela Health to become involved.

GINA CERILLI: We did already talked to Excela. They have declined using a registry, a waiting list. They're going to do the individual appointments on their website on a daily basis.

ROSS GUIDOTTI (VOICEOVER): Commissioner Cerilli, however, says the vaccination registry idea isn't dead yet.

GINA CERILLI: Our meeting Thursday with all the other local providers in Westmoreland County over Zoom, and basically the conversation is, how can we as the county assist you? We have a lot of local pharmacies that are stepping up big time.

ROSS GUIDOTTI (VOICEOVER): Now if you're looking to get a vaccination, the recommendation is to log on to the states, It's Your Turn website. Now it won't register you for a shot, but it will let you know where and when they're available in the county. For now, Commissioner Cerilli says she's going to continue to push for a countywide vaccine registration.

GINA CERILLI: I want those providers that are vaccinating our constituents to only worry about giving shots in the arm. I don't want them worrying about a waiting list.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: If you want more information on the states, It's Your Turn vaccination link, or any non-governmental registry for vaccinations in Westmoreland County, check out In Greensburg, Ross Guidotti, KDKA news.