COVID Capacity Restrictions Ease For Large Venues

Big changes go into effect today when it comes to how many people can be inside Minnesota venues, Kate Raddatz reports (2:02). WCCO 4 News At 6 - April 1, 2021

Video Transcript

- Big changes go into effect today when it comes to how many people can be inside Minnesota venues.

- The rollback on COVID restrictions will allow thousands of fans to see live sports again. The new guidelines cover both indoor and outdoor venues like arenas, gyms, and restaurants. Previously, those places were restricted to a maximum of 250 people. Kate Raddatz shows us what the new guidelines will mean.

KATE RADDATZ: Before now, only 250 fans were allowed in the stands at large indoor venues. But now, thousands can go and see live sports in person for the first time in over a year.

- We have senior girls. Go Mirage. We can't wait.

KATE RADDATZ: Fans were excited heading into the X for the Minnesota State High School League Girls Hockey Tournament. Thursday morning's game was the first that allowed up to 3,000 fans with the ease-up on COVID restrictions.

ALYSSA YOKOM: It's really exciting, and it's just fun to be there and experience the energy that's there.

KATE RADDATZ: Indoor seated venues with a capacity above 500 can now have an additional 15% of the occupant capacity above that, with a max of 3,000 people.

Large outdoor seated venues get more leeway-- additional 25% of the occupant capacity above 500 and a max of 10,000 attending. That's how many fans will be allowed at Target Field for Twins games, with the home opener next week.

KENNEDY BARRETT: We missed out on so much, so we might have to make it to one.

KATE RADDATZ: Large gyms, restaurants, and bars can have more than 250 people if their regular capacity allows. But mask wearing and proper social distancing still applies to all of the venues.

PATTI SOSKIN: Our biggest situation is being six feet apart, which I do believe in.

KATE RADDATZ: Still, the owner of Yum Kitchen and Bakery says she's feeling hopeful as outdoor dining picks up, people get vaccinated, and ease up on restrictions will benefit others.

PATTI SOSKIN: I think it's great because there are some restaurants that it does help. So, I think it's fantastic.

KATE RADDATZ: Kate Raddatz, WCCO4 News.

- There are some different requirements for large venues without seating. We have a full list of the changes at