As COVID cases rise in Bucks Co., hospital seeks more vaccine from state

Several states, including Pennsylvania, are seeing coronavirus cases continue on an upward trend. Bucks County is one of the areas causing concern in the Keystone State.

Video Transcript

- All right, now to our other big story tonight. Troubling signs on the COVID-19 front. Several states, including Pennsylvania, are seeing coronavirus cases continue on an upward trend. In the Keystone State, Bucks County is one of the areas causing concern. And tonight, there is a race to vaccinate as many residents as possible as infections continue to rise.

- Action News reporter Annie McCormick live for us now in Bristol with the concerns. Annie?

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Sharrie, Rick, we checked in with Bucks County officials to ask them, why do you think that there may be an increase in this county and also others within the Commonwealth but we did not hear back. Now at this point, officials are always saying that in order to beat the rising amount of cases, it's to expand the amount of people that need to get vaccinated.

LEA RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, we have seen a markedly increase in our COVID numbers.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Lower Bucks Hospital is seeing an increase in COVID cases. Bucks County is one of several counties in the Commonwealth seeing a rise.

LEA RODRIGUEZ: One day there'll be 10 and then the next day, they'll be 15. So it all depends on what we see in our emergency department and the patients that we see as well.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: Lea Rodriguez is chief nursing officer at Lower Bucks Hospital. She took us through their vaccination clinic where today they gave 400 doses of the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine.

MICHELLE MCCLEASE: I was very undecided and then I started seeing different cases jumping up around me, and I'm thinking uh-oh. I might need to go ahead and get taken care of, you know?

BRIANA BELFORD: I felt like this was my chance to get ahead of a curve maybe and be a part in bringing those back down hopefully.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: The state notified Lower Bucks Hospital they would no longer be sending the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, which the hospital began receiving in December. They are still administering second doses. All four southeastern Pennsylvania counties received vaccines this week that will go directly to county sites. Bucks County gave the hospital 1,000 of those vaccines. The hospital is requesting more.

LEA RODRIGUEZ: It is the population that's underserved that we are serving and we have the resources.

ANNIE MCCORMICK: And Bucks County has five county-run sites that are up and operating. That doesn't include health care systems like Lower Bucks Hospital and also pharmacies that are within the federal vaccination program that have vaccinations as well. For now reporting live in Bristol, Annie McCormick, Channel 6 Action News. Rick?

- All right, Annie. Thank you.