With COVID Changes In Place, Air And Sea Show Returns To Miami Beach For Memorial Day Weekend

CBS4's Hank Tester has more on the show's return after being canceled in 2020.

Video Transcript

- Pivoting in a pandemic-- the Miami Beach Air and Sea Show is back. But it's a far cry from what we've been accustomed to in years past. After the pandemic forced the cancellation of last year's show, promoters are promising a socially distant Miami Beach Air and Sea Show this year.

CBS 4s Hank Tester reports, the setup to watch the show from the pain of seats is far different from what we have seen in the past.


HANK TESTER: The sights and sounds of America's freedom coming to Miami Beach Memorial Day weekend, the Hyundai Air and Sea Show, an up-close look at the might of the American military.

MICKEY MARKOFF: You know, what really makes our show exciting is that it's an operational show. We're going to be doing a full-blown Special Operations invasion of the beach.

HANK TESTER: All five branches of the US military, showcasing the latest in technology and, not to mention, flight demonstration teams that have thrilled crowds worldwide. Now, all this on Miami Beach, in the midst of a pandemic.

MICKEY MARKOFF: We are working diligently to be very COVID responsible. So we've altered the event's site. And we now have the Umbrella Club. And we now have the Cabana Club. And these are all places where you can be socially distant and have a great view of the show.

HANK TESTER: And there's a preferred seating area that is on the center of the beach, not as pricey as the Umbrella Club in the Cabana Club locations, in preferred seating.

MICKEY MARKOFF: But that's a great place for you to be able to be where the PA system is, right at the landing zone, where the parachute teams will be landing.

HANK TESTER: Here are the ticket choices for the close-up, socially distant views between 10th and 14th Street, on the beach-- the Cabana Club, seating for 10, shade-- cost, 10 tickets for one day, $2,500, two days, $5,000, the Umbrella Club-- umbrella rental and show blanket that you can take home. And the Preferred Seating cost-- one day ticket, $35 for a single ticket, daily, $65 for both days.


The Air and Sea Show was COVID canceled in 2020. This is a big event comeback for Miami Beach, which has been dealing with the current economic impacts and surging groups of partygoers during spring break. The Air and Sea Show promoters hope--

MICKEY MARKOFF: The purpose of the Hyundai Air and Sea Show is to bring back the true spirit of Memorial Day. And what we're doing is saying thank you to those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of all of our freedom.

HANK TESTER: There are discounts on those tickets, being offered right now, but they go away, the closer we get to Memorial Day. Want more information? Go to our website, CBSMiami.com.