COVID deaths and cases surge in new peak worldwide

The coronavirus continues to devastate many countries worldwide, especially in India, where hospitals are at capacity and are facing an oxygen shortage. Elizabeth Palmer reports.

Video Transcript

- Worldwide global virus cases have reached a new peak. CBS's Elizabeth Palmer brings us that part of the story.

ELIZABETH PALMER: India's COVID surge is getting worse. There were 400,000 new cases yesterday and a stream of critically ill people arriving at hospitals already overfull. Everywhere, there is a shortage of oxygen in the hospitals and on the street, where family members line up for hours to refill tanks for patients at home.

A Sikh temple in East Delhi even set up curbside oxygen for the very sickest, like Abu Saadat, whose brother is doing what he can, until he can find hospital care. He's been looking for more than a week. As funeral fires burn day and night, Indians are both devastated and furious. The country managed to beat its first COVID wave a year ago, and authorities opened up, even to mass religious and political gatherings.

Now, Indian families, especially the poor, are paying the price. The other COVID hot spot is Brazil with a per capita death rate even higher than India's right now. A vaccination program that's reached into Brazil's vast interior has distributed more than 40 million doses. But in the cities with no lockdown, it's no surprise the virus has continued to spread.

And in Turkey, where the COVID rate started to climb steeply last month, authorities anxious not to lose control imposed the country's first ever national lockdown. And from Europe, at last, some good news. Both deaths and infections are falling as vaccination rates rise, and some countries are even starting to talk about opening their borders, again, to foreign travelers. Elizabeth Palmer, CBS News, London.