COVID by the numbers: Central Florida deaths by county

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Since COVID-19 began its deadly toll in Florida in spring 2020, seasonal and variant surges have continued to prove fatal.

The Florida Department of Health had reported county death totals for more than a year before transitioning to weekly updates, during which they ceased county-by-county death details.

The last report from the state with county details came on June 3, 2021, which showed statewide deaths at 36,973. About 17.4% of those came from eight Central Florida counties, a total of 6,449, comprised of Polk County’s 1,387, Orange’s 1,310, Brevard’s 914, Volusia’s 846, Lake’s 663, Osceola’s 529, Seminole’s 516 and Sumter’s 284.

The White House COVID-19 reports, though, began listing updated county death tolls starting Sept. 13, but not updating on a regular basis.

The state death toll by the end of that week rose to 51,240, more than 14,000 in 15 weeks, which can be attributed to the spread of the more infectious delta variant, which sent thousands to the hospital and increased the total fatalities.

By that initial update from the White House, Central Florida’s eight-county death toll had risen from 6,449 to 9,005.

Polk County still led the region with 1,941 deaths, up 554 in the 15 weeks, the largest increase among the eight counties in terms of total deaths, and a 40% increase over the 15 weeks.

Next came Orange County, which increased to 1,763, up 453 in 15 weeks, a 34.6% increase.

Brevard County remained third in the region, but with the largest percent increase among the eight counties over the 15 weeks, hitting a total of 1,446, an increase of 532. That is a 58.2% increase, the only county with more than 50% increase over that time span.

After that, Volusia’s toll increased by 250 to 1,096, only a 29.6% increase in 15 weeks, the smallest growth during that period among the eight counties in terms of percentage.

Lake County was the second largest percent growth hitting a toll of 952, up 289 fatalities, a 43.6% increase in 15 weeks.

Seminole County followed with 713 total deaths, up 197, or 38.2%; Osceola County with 705 total deaths, up 176, or 33.3% and Sumter with 389 total deaths, up 105, or 37%.

Since the White House’s initial update on deaths, the report has only updated on Sept. 17, Sept. 24, Oct. 1 and Oct. 8.

Through Oct. 8, the delta variant has continued to add to the totals. With 18 weeks since the last update from the state DOH, the county totals stand at the following:

The region’s death toll stands at 10,546, an increase of 4,097 since June 3, or a 63.5% increase.

Polk County has 2,334 deaths, up 947 since June 3, a 68.3% increase

Orange County has 2,066 deaths, up 756 since June 3, a 57.7% increase.

Brevard County has 1,671 deaths, up 757 since June 3, an 82.8% increase.

Volusia County has 1,233 deaths, up 387 since June 3, a 45.7% increase.

Lake County has 1,137 deaths, up 474 since June 3, a 71.5% increase.

Osceola County has 835 deaths, up 306 since June 3, a 57.8% increase

Seminole County has 824 deaths, up 308 since June 3, a 59.7% increase.

Sumter County has 446 deaths, 162 since June 3, a 57% increase.

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