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COVID Pandemic Has Changed How We Dress

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CBS4's Kate Smith looks at how one dress capitalized on the trend of dressing down.

Video Transcript

- Thanks, Craig. All new at 5:30, it's no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has changed many things, including how we dress. CBS4's Kate Smith looks at how one dress capitalized on the growing trend of dressing down.

NELL DIAMOND: First of all, before I speak about The Nap Dress, you have to understand that I am a dress girl. I do not like pants.

KATE SMITH: So dresses were on Nell Diamond's mind when she started her fashion and lifestyle brand Hill House Home.

NELL DIAMOND: I really wanted to create a product that was a dress that could kind of carry me from making my toddler breakfast in the morning, to an important meeting, to drinks with my husband after work.

KATE SMITH: In 2019, The Nap Dress was born with some success. But then the pandemic hit. Lockdowns and working from home turned the housedress meets nightgown into an internet sensation.

- This is my Nap Dress collection. As you can see behind me, I've got six.

- I'm in my powder blue [INAUDIBLE], which is absolutely gorgeous.

- I don't love them, I am totally obsessed with them.

- "Vogue" magazine even named it one of the 17 items that define 2020.

NELL DIAMOND: The Nap Dress definitely exceeded all of our expectations and all of our projections.

KATE SMITH: What makes a Nap Dress unique?

NELL DIAMOND: The real beauty and importance of distinction of The Nap Dress, I should say, is that it's both beautiful and practical at the same time.

KATE SMITH: The success of The Nap Dress comes as demand for comfortable clothing surges.

Last year, sales of sweat pants, sleepwear, and slippers jumped with millions of people stuck at home.

TRE INGRAM: Comfort was something that was on the forefront.

KATE SMITH: Stylist Tre Ingram says many of his clients taste changed during the pandemic.

TRE INGRAM: Hey, I want comfortable shoes. I want comfortable sweats. I want comfortable tops. And like, it did not matter what it was, they just want something comfortable.

KATE SMITH: Ingram believes people are ready to draw up again as life inches back to normal. But Diamond thinks The Nap Dress has staying power.

NELL DIAMOND: People now get to show off their Nap Dresses in real life. Just wait until you see this in person, wait until you see it with shoes.

KATE SMITH: And that's why she has even more collections planned this spring. Kate Smith, "CBS News," New York.