Covid rules: What is the rule of six in England?

The rule of six is back for England from Monday but with some changes - we explain what they are.

Video Transcript

- Rule of six is back in England. Up to six people from any number of homes can meet up outdoors and socialize. But they still have to keep their distance from each other, unless they live together or in a bubble. And children, no matter how old they are, count towards this group. But professional carers do not, so long as they're working.

LAURA FOSTER: Now, the government's realized that last time around this rule wasn't very helpful to a lot of families or homes where a lot of people live. So now, they've said it can be rule of six, or it can be two households of any size meeting up. But again, it's got to be outdoors.

- So it's rule of six from any number of households, or any number of people from two households.