COVID Spike In Cherry Hill Kids Delays Hybrid Launch In Schools

Anthony Bellano
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CHERRY HILL, NJ — The Cherry Hill Public School District is delaying its plans to reopen for in-person learning after about three dozen new coronavirus cases were identified among students throughout the district, officials announced. Hybrid learning will now begin on Nov. 30.

Cherry Hill Superintendent of Schools Joseph Meloche said he received a phone call shortly before 3 p.m. Monday from the county health department, which informed him that “that there are approximately 3 dozen new positive COVID-19 cases in Cherry Hill among children aged 7-18, representing multiple schools in our district.” Written confirmation of this information came from the Department of Health at 3:26 p.m., Meloche said.

“As a result, the Department of Health is strongly recommending that we do not open our school buildings to children and that all Cherry Hill Public Schools students remain at home and follow the all-remote learning model until further notice,” Meloche said.

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“We will continue to communicate daily with the Department of Health to assess the situation for our community. We will communicate any changes to our return date, if they arise, directly with the community,” Meloche said.

The district opened the year in a full-remote learning environment, and planned to return to its hybrid plan on Monday. The first day of in-person learning was to take place on Tuesday. Read more here: Cherry Hill Schools Plan For Return Of Hybrid Learning Nov. 9

As of Monday, there were 1,782 cases of the coronavirus in Cherry Hill with 157 confirmed deaths. Between Saturday and Monday, there were 37 new cases of the coronavirus identified in Cherry Hill. Trace investigations are underway in all new cases. Read more here: Camden County Sees 200 New Coronavirus Cases Twice In 3 Days

On Monday, the county reported that six boys older than 10, a girl older than 10 and two juvenile boys of unannounced age had tested positive for the coronavirus. These are just the new cases, and don’t account for cases that had already been reported among children in the district.

“I share in the disappointment many of you feel at this news,” Meloche said. “As a district, our schools and staff are prepared and ready to welcome students back. I ask everyone to take all appropriate measures to minimize the spread of the virus as directed by the Camden County Department of Health, Gov. Phil Murphy, and the CDC. Parents, please continue to screen your children every day and please adhere to the recommended mitigation practices. As a community, we must be diligent in all aspects of the choices that we make and in our interactions.”

The following information is known about the other new Cherry Hill cases that were announced on Monday:

  • A woman in her 50s;

  • Two men in their 50s;

  • Five men in their 20s;

  • Four women in their 40s;

  • Two men in their 60s;

  • Four women in their 70s;

  • A man in his 80s;

  • Four women in their 20s;

  • A man in his 70s;

  • Five men in their 40s;

  • A woman in her 60s;

  • Two women in their 30s; and

  • Three men in their 30s.

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This article originally appeared on the Cherry Hill Patch