COVID Survivor Thanks Hospital ICU Team for Life Saving Care 1 Year After Release

One year ago on this day, 41-year-old Jason Jahanian “woke up” after being in a coma for almost two weeks and nearly dying from COVID.

Video Transcript

- Well, this man survived COVID return today to say thanks to the hospital staff that helped him. It was a year ago today, the 41-year-old Jason Jahanian woke up from a medically induced coma at the Medical Center of Aurora. Initially, he was given a 20% chance of survival, spent two weeks in the ICU. Well, today, he wanted to show his appreciation and brought all these employees to lunch.

JASON JAHANINAN: I had my my three weeks in-hospital care but these folks have been living with it from February, March, just continuously. And patients are still coming in sick and patients have passed.

- Since his recovery, Jason says he has run 2 half marathon.

- Wow. Good for him.