COVID Vaccination Options Continue To Expand In South Florida

CBS4's Bobeth Yates reports on the expanded efforts to slow the spread of COVID. Read more:

Video Transcript

HERNAN SAUCEDO: I am very happy to be able to have my second vaccine-- vaccination.

BOBETH YATES: Hernan Saucedo was among the Vista Alegre senior housing facility residents to receive the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine Sunday.

HERNAN SAUCEDO: I feel great. You know? This is on the step that we have to take forward. Otherwise, we're not going to get rid of this virus. So this is the best thing we can do.

BOBETH YATES: City of Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo joined first responders for their effort through their mobile vaccination program.

JOE CAROLLO: Coronavirus doesn't take days off, and we can't either. So we're hoping that in the next two weeks we could finish vaccinating all those that we have vaccinated for the first time and that we get additional supplies, so we could vaccinate the seniors that we have on the waiting list.

BOBETH YATES: But the city of Miami isn't the only one stepping up their vaccination efforts. Jackson Medical Center says they will no longer just vaccinate residents 65 and older. They're opening up their vaccine appointments to other age groups.

- We will also be taking care of people over 55 with 13 specific medical conditions. The reason why we have taken this decision, as we have not gotten to the point that we've been doing several weeks of people over 65, we're seeing a slowness in people over 65 coming up with appointments. And for those reasons, we need to continue to open it up to the community. And this is the right time.

BOBETH YATES: Those 13 conditions include people with breast and lung cancer, obesity, congestive heart failure, and COPD. And those residents will have to provide Jackson a doctor's note, similar to this one, documenting their name and condition. And as Jackson increases their vaccine distribution, Miami-Dade College North Campus is set to become one of four federally-run vaccine sites in the states.

- The 2,000 vaccines that will be distributed at this point of distribution will be essential for this community.