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COVID Vaccine Clinic At Dick's Sporting Goods Park Put On Hold After 11 Patients Experience Adverse Side Effects

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The COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Dick's Sporting Goods Park was put on hold on Wednesday afternoon after 11 patients experienced adverse side effects after receiving the shot.

Video Transcript

KAREN LEIGH: Well, some people ready to get their vaccine today told to go home and reschedule after 11 people had an adverse reaction to the Johnson & Johnson shots given at the Dick's Sporting Good vaccination site. Now within the last hour the state announced those symptoms included things like nausea and dizziness, and that the move to close the site was made out of an abundance of caution.

JIM BENEMANN: The state also says there is no reason to believe people who were vaccinated today at Dick's should be concerned because usually any adverse reactions are immediate. CBS 4's Alan Gionet and our top story tonight. Alan, you talked to someone who came up just a few cars short of getting what they went there for.

ALAN GIONET: Well, I did, Jim. And he said when they pulled in to Dick's Sporting Goods Park today they noticed some things weren't quite right. Now remember, all of this comes after millions of Johnson & Johnson or Janssen vaccine doses produced by a subcontractor were held back because they didn't meet quality standards. But health experts say those doses weren't shipped. But today as people got the J&J vaccine here today nearly a dozen of them had adverse reactions.

It was another day of mass vaccinations at Dick's as Colorado tries to get closer to herd immunity. Paul Doucett was looking forward to it.

PAUL DOUCETT: We got there about 2:30, early, and then got about five cars away from being next in line to get the shot and they stopped it.

ALAN GIONET: His photo shows where he got stuck. Things did look a little off.

PAUL DOUCETT: There were two ambulances there. One was pulling in as we were coming in, and there was one already set up there.

ALAN GIONET: Centura Health said after seeing adverse reactions it made a call. In a statement, spokesperson Lindsay Radford said, "We followed our protocols and in an abundance of caution, made the decision, in partnership with the state, to pause operations for the remainder of the day."

PAUL DOUCETT: At least an hour and a half passed before they came back and said, "OK, we're just not comfortable with the adverse reaction. So we're going to reschedule you guys."

ALAN GIONET: Doucett was disappointed but concerned.

Make you a little nervous about that Janssen or Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

PAUL DOUCETT: It does. I'm a marine so I'm not really worried about anything. I'll take a shot if they say it's good for me. If Dr. Fauci says take that, I'll take the shot.

ALAN GIONET: His wife had already gotten the Johnson & Johnson vaccine earlier in the day at Ball Arena.

PAUL DOUCETT: She's doing great.

ALAN GIONET: Paul is still going to do it.

You really wanted the vaccine, and you still want the vaccine?

PAUL DOUCETT: I do. Yeah, this is not going to deter me at all.

ALAN GIONET: But with another type of vaccine. Centura says it is going to be contacting those people and bringing them in on Sunday to get a different vaccine, likely the Pfizer. Now two out of the 11 people were sent to hospitals. But what happened to them, says Centura, was not life threatening. I sought comment from Johnson & Johnson Janssen tonight but did not hear back. The CPD AG did add some comments at about 9 o'clock tonight saying these side effects were typical with what is likely to be expected.

In Commerce City, I'm Alan Gionet, covering Colorado first.