COVID Vaccine Clinic For Plymouth Veterans Delayed By Weather Issues At Shipping Sites

WBZ-TV's Bill Shields reports.

Video Transcript

LISA HUGHES: Well, the vaccine rollout may be hitting yet another snag. Shipments have been delayed by bad weather down south. And as WBZ's Bill Shields reports, some clinics around here are already being canceled.

BILL SHIELDS: At the American Legion post in Plymouth, new posters on the front today announcing that the vaccination clinic this Saturday had to be canceled. The doses were no longer available.

- The only thing I can offer them bill for assurances is that this is not canceled in its entirety. We do plan on continuing to have this program. We just need additional time and the federal-- the VA Association needs additional time to get those doses in, in their hands.

BILL SHIELDS: It seems the winter weather has disrupted the supply chain, stranding the all important vials down south. So Governor Baker says he'll try to send the National Guard to retrieve them.

CHARLIE BAKER: And they will do this, about going down to Kentucky and Tennessee which is where this stuff is currently located, and bringing it back.

BILL SHIELDS: The VA in Boston is confident they'll have the doses next week.

MARCI SALOW: It is extremely, you know, urgent that we get the vaccine as fast as possible.

BILL SHIELDS: And the veterans? Well, they're anxious too.

- We've been getting phone calls nonstop. I mean, obviously, with the pandemic everybody's itching to get this vaccine to hopefully get back to normal.

Plymouth officials are confident they're going to get the vaccines they need for the veterans. So they've rescheduled the clinic now for February 27th. I'm Bill shields, WBZ News.