COVID Vaccine Eligibility In New Hampshire Opens To 40+, Some Get Same-Day Shots

New Hampshire officials say everyone in the state could have their first dose by the end of May. WBZ-TV's Mike LaCrosse reports.

Video Transcript

- Well, by the end of this week, every adult in New Hampshire will be eligible for a vaccine.

- And the state opened up vaccinations for people 40 and older today. And some who registered already got their first shot. Here's the WBZ's Mike LaCrosse.

MIKE LACROSSE: When did you make this appointment?

- At 1 o'clock this morning.

MIKE LACROSSE: People in New Hampshire are having luck getting same day appointments for their COVID-19 vaccines.

- No. We were thinking maybe end of April at the earliest. But it's great there were time slots available.

MIKE LACROSSE: Others report waiting about a week.

MICAH JOHNSON: I think they're doing pretty well. My brother lives in Cambridge. And he's not even eligible til the 19th of April.

MIKE LACROSSE: Right now, about 15% of New Hampshire's population is fully vaccinated. Compare that to Massachusetts, where the rate is a bit higher at about 18%. Massachusetts, though, has about five million more people than New Hampshire and is rolling out its eligibility at a slower pace.

PERRY PLUMMER: There's hundreds of thousands of appointments available. People have been coming in all day. And it's working very, very well.

MIKE LACROSSE: By Friday, everyone 16 and older can start signing up for their vaccine in New Hampshire. The state's vaccine coordinator Perry Plummer says it's because they are ahead of schedule.

PERRY PLUMMER: We've been able to move our doses through our delivery and out into the field very, very quickly. And that's allowed us to open up these appointments and give people shots in arms right away.

MIKE LACROSSE: The state's fast rollout is allowing cities like Nashua to host its own vaccination clinics while still being able to focus on homebound and high risk residents.

- So there still are people that are holding out and waiting for their first doses. And we want to make sure we get to them.

MIKE LACROSSE: New Hampshire officials say everyone in the state could have their first dose by the end of May.

- Well, it's gonna mean we can get back to life as normal.

MIKE LACROSSE: In Nashua, I'm Mike LaCrosse, WBZ News.