COVID Vaccine: No Appointments Needed At 3 Mass Vaccination Sites In Colorado

Those wanting a COVID-19 vaccine don't have to spend hours online searching for an available appointment. Gov. Jared Polis announced Tuesday that three of Colorado's mass vaccination sites will allow walk-ins or drive-ups without an appointment.

Video Transcript

- Now to the pandemic here in Colorado. No appointments needed. Governor Polis says three of our state's mass vaccination sites will now allow walk-ins or drive-ups without that appointment.

Those are the sites at Ball Arena here in Denver, also the State Fairgrounds down in Pueblo, and The Ranch complex right along I-25 in Loveland.

JARED POLIS: It's about reaching people who aren't resistant but are hesitant or procrastinating around the vaccine. How do you make it easy? How do you make it convenient? How do you make it quick? How do you make it so you don't have to even go to a website to sign up?

- Another reason why it's so important to get that vaccine, the governor says the state is finding that vaccines are proving to be 94% effective in preventing COVID.