COVID Vaccine Rollout Expands Nationwide April 19

Chicago's mayor said she is pleased the COVID vaccine will be available to more people in Chicago and across the country in two weeks.

Video Transcript

- Now, another big development in the race to get all Americans vaccinated. This afternoon, President Biden calling on states to make all adults eligible for COVID-19 vaccines by April 19. That's two weeks earlier than the original deadline of May 1. Here in Illinois, it's even earlier. Governor Pritzker says anyone 16 and older can get the shot starting next Monday, that's April 12.

That does not apply to Chicago, however. About 90 minutes ago, Mayor Lightfoot said the city would meet the president's new deadline of April 19, but she said, we need more vaccines first. More than 95,000 vaccines were given out across Illinois yesterday alone. You can follow the vaccine rollout on our website. Go to