Vaccines, Hospitals, Restaurants: Looking Ahead In Hoboken 2021

Caren Lissner

HOBOKEN, NJ — As the state of New Jersey rolls out its coronavirus vaccine locations, and students anticipate a return to school after break (remotely at first in Hoboken and nearby towns), residents and officials look ahead to 2021 with hope and caution.

Here are some of the stories that will likely be most relevant in Hoboken in 2021:

Coronavirus vaccine rollout

The state has begun rolling out coronavirus vaccination sites and created a phased plan for who gets vaccinated first. Read on:

Hoboken Gets Its Own Coronavirus Vaccination Site

Hudson County Opens First Vaccination Site

NJ: Here's Who May Get Vaccine Next, And Where

Hospital sales and announcements

CarePoint announced this week that their hospitals in Hoboken and Jersey City are being sold. Here are related stories that will continue into 2021.

Management Firm Intends To Purchase Hoboken And Christ Hospitals

Judge Tosses Restraining Order In Hudson County Hospital War

Officials Want To Avoid Closure Of Hudson County Hospitals

Business openings and promotions

Hoboken saw several businesses announce their openings in 2020, and several more plan to open in 2021 or ramp up their offerings. Groups like the Hoboken Business Alliance will continue creative promotions to highlight their businesses.

Hoboken And Other NJ Restaurants Strategize To Stay Afloat In Winter Months

New Businesses Open In Hoboken

Shake Shack Coming To Hoboken

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Remote school, and what's happening with summer camp options?

The rules around remote learning and school activities will continue to be at issue in 2021. And with kids cooped up, organizations and towns have started planning for summer camp and programs.

Hoboken Schools To Be Remote For 1 Week After Winter Break

Hoboken Cancels Winter Recreation


Deciding what to build is never easy, especially of parts of older towns transform. Here are some development stories that are likely to continue to make news in 2021:

Hoboken Rent Too Darn High? City Discusses Future Of Affordable Housing

Plan Approved For NJ Transit Development On Hoboken Border

Biggest stories of 2020

Did you miss our 2020 year in review stories? These were some of the top stories in Hudson County: Bruuuuce, ICE and COVID.

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This article originally appeared on the Hoboken Patch