“Cowardly, harmful and unacceptable”: Granite School District condemns Natalie Cline over social media post

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — In a special meeting this afternoon that only lasted minutes, the Granite School Board of Education condemned a social media post from Utah Board of Education member Natalie Cline.

Utah Democrats considering impeachment of Utah School Board’s Natalie Cline, while lawmakers and educators call for resignation

The entire resolution as passed by the board reads as follows:

WHEREAS, We recently witnessed a deplorable form of bullying from State School Board Member, Natalie Cline, and her followers on a social media post that targeted a student from Granite School District.   

WHEREAS, Every child deserves and has the right to learn and participate in a safe educational environment. 

THEREFORE, We condemn anyone who would bully or target any student for any reason, but especially those in positions of power who are specifically elected to represent and protect our children.

WE RESOLVE, That such behavior is cowardly, harmful and unacceptable. We call on our colleagues from school boards throughout the state and other elected officials to join us in demanding Boardmember Cline’s immediate resignation from the State Board of Education.

“Adults bullying a child”: Parents of child targeted in Natalie Cline social media post become crusaders for attacked teens

Cline stirred a firestorm of controversy earlier this week after a social media post appeared to single out a high school basketball student for possibly being transgender. The comments section of the now-deleted post became hostile and drew the ire of Utah state legislators and educators, many of whom are calling for either her resignation or impeachment.

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