Cowboys coach Jason Garrett gives coy response when asked about his job status

Three weeks makes a huge difference in the NFL.

On Sept. 22, the Dallas Cowboys were 3-0, riding the wave that saw them log their first playoff win since 2014 in January and eyeing bigger, better things for this season.

Since then, they’ve posted consecutive losses to the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers and — on Sunday — the previously winless New York Jets.

And the once-familiar refrain calling for head coach Jason Garrett’s job has popped up yet again.

Garrett deflects when asked about job status

Garrett was asked about his job status on Monday and whether Jerry or Stephen Jones had given him any reassurances.

He didn’t exactly answer the question.

“I’m focused on doing my job as well as I can do it,” Garrett said, per The Athletic.

That adds up to a glorified no comment, leaving Cowboys fans to continue to speculate over where things stand.

Vote of confidence from Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones — the team COO and son of owner Jerry Jones — did address Garrett on his weekly radio hit with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. He offered Garrett a vote of confidence when asked if the 10th-year Cowboys coach with two playoff wins on his resume was on the hot seat.

“Absolutely not,” Jones said. “This team just needs to get a win under its belt. I still think we can have a great year. I feel good about it. Feel great about Jason and his staff. Everyone needs to look in the mirror, everyone from staff, to coaches and players.”

While Jason Garrett's job appears to be safe for now, the Cowboys schedule isn't doing him any favors. (Reuters)

Stephen Jones’ comments appear to be an effort to douse the fire lit Sunday night in the aftermath of losing to the Jets. Dropping consecutive games to the class of the NFC says one thing about your team. Namely, you’re not the class of the NFC.

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Losing to the Jets paints an altogether more dire picture, one that Jerry Jones spoke to after the loss.

"Ultimately if you're one of the really top teams, which we're not — we are not — I hope that someday this season we could be one of the top teams," Jones said. "We're certainly not tonight."

Jerry Jones’ comment came as prominent former Cowboys players publicly put Garrett on blast.

Former Cowboys call Garrett out

Terrell Owens called Garrett out by name on Twitter.

Garrett was the offensive coordinator in Dallas during the last two seasons of Owens’ tenure with the Cowboys.

Dez Bryant played played his entire eight-year NFL career in Dallas with Garrett as the offensive coordinator or head coach. He didn’t call Garrett out by name on Sunday. But he didn’t have to.

‘The team just needs to get a win’

While Stephen Jones attempted to publicly ice Garrett’s seat with his Monday comments, part of his statement speaks to the predicament Garrett is in: “The team just needs to get a win.”

The remainder of Dallas’ schedule includes two games against the Philadelphia Eagles and matchups with the Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills, all of which look like playoff contenders through six weeks.

Dallas looked great while beating up on the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and pre-Daniel Jones New York Giants. Wins are going to be a lot harder to come by down the stretch.

That cool seat that Stephen Jones guaranteed could start to look a lot hotter.

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