Here's all the weird stuff people did at CPAC when the speeches got boring

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  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan
    40th president of the United States and actor

There's some weird stuff at CPAC.

Like an old lady arm wrestling a guy in camo.

Or this fine shelf.


Wait ... something's not quite right here.

Out in the hallway, you'll find Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus doing outreach to the #Millennials.

And Ronald Reagan is everywhere.

Here he is supporting manufacturing.

 And this fundraising company.

Oh no! This gay beaver is going to make Reagan fall down!

They are among us...

Safer for Reagan to be on top of this proper conservative bookshelf.


Speaking of picking up hotties...

If T-Shirts aren't your thing, you can always dress like this guy.


Be sure your breath is fresh before practicing your #CPACPickupLines.

This board could sure use a little love.

While at CPAC, you'll want to take some time to dwell on the past.

Remember these guys?

Seems like everyone around here has a cardboard cutout. There's William F. Buckley!

Don't be so stiff, Rand!

 After your picture with cardboard Rand Paul, pick up some conservative bumper stickers.

That'll teach her!

 Before you move to America's hat, don't forget to impeach the president. Look how nervous he is. He's sweating!

  And when you leave, be sure to do it in style. Until next year!


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