CPAC crowd boos when asked to wear masks

CPAC Executive Director Dan Schneider said, "This may sound like a little bit of a downer," but that those attending needed to comply with the laws of the county they're in, and the rules of the hotel.

He then turned to CPAC Director Carly Conley who told the crowd to wear masks, saying, "I know, it's not the most fun." She was met with boos and shouts of "Freedom!" from some members of the crowd.

Prominent congressional conservatives - including Senators Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley, and Representatives Steve Scalise and Matt Gaetz - were among the Donald Trump loyalists expected to speak at CPAC, which Trump will address on Sunday.

Video Transcript

DAN SCHNEIDER: --CPAC to talk about the Bill of Rights. But I also want to mention one thing. And I know this might sound like a little bit of a downer. But we also believe in property rights. And this is a private hotel. And we believe in the rule of law. So we need to comply with the laws of this county that we're in.

But a private hotel, just like your house, gets to set its own rules. Carly, our CPAC director.

CARLY CONLEY: Well, as Dan mentioned, we are in a private facility. And we do want to be respectful of the ordinances that they have as their private property. So, please, everyone, when you're in the ballroom, when you're seated, you should still be wearing a mask. So if everybody can go ahead, work on that.

I know, I know. It's not the most fun.

- Freedom!

- Freedom!

DAN SCHNEIDER: You have the right--


--you have the right to set the own rules in your own house. And we're borrowing somebody else's house. So we need to comply with their rules. So thank you all for putting on your masks. I wear a mask when I'm in the halls. And we're going to comply with their rules.