CPD Officer Shot In Hand In South Austin; Suspect Arrested After Standoff

A Chicago Police officer was shot in the hand while on duty in the South Austin neighborhood on Saturday, and a suspect was later arrested after holding police in a standoff. CBS 2's Marissa Parra reports.

Video Transcript

JIM WILLIAMS: Good evening, I'm Jim Williams. We begin with breaking news. A Chicago police officer is recovering after he was shot this afternoon. It's the third time a CPD officer has been shot this week.

Let's get right to CBS2's Marissa Parra. She joins us live from Mount Sinai Hospital. Marissa?

MARISSA PARRA: A female police officer was taken right here to Mount Sinai for a gunshot wound to the hand, and we've just learned that officer was just released.

Now, the person who police believe may have done the shooting surrendered after an hours-long standoff.


MARISSA PARRA: Just before noon, chaos in South Austin.

DAVID BROWN: There were cars speeding away.

MARISSA PARRA: The crisis started with a "shots fired" call.

DAVID BROWN: As our officers were responding, an offender shoots at one of our officers, hitting her in the hand.

MARISSA PARRA: As she was taken to the hospital, police noticed someone firing shots at officers from this building.

DAVID BROWN: We believe it's a first-floor window-- but it's an elevated first-floor window-- down at our officers. Our officers did return fire.

MARISSA PARRA: They say the gunman then barricaded himself within a building that has multiple apartments inside.

DAVID BROWN: We evacuated the house and we're interviewing all the people that were in there. Some were just innocent bystanders, just at home.

MARISSA PARRA: Crisis negotiators on scene worked to coax the gunman into eventual surrender.

This becomes now the 16th Chicago Police officer to be shot at so far this year. Police are working to confirm if the person who was apprehended, who had barricaded himself inside of the building, was, in fact, the same person who shot this officer.

Reporting live from Mount Sinai, Marissa Parra, CBS2 News.

JIM WILLIAMS: Marissa, thank you.