CPD On Standby After Chauvin Verdict

CBS 2's Marie Saavedra reports from CPD headquarters where officers are on stand-by following the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin.

Video Transcript

- In Chicago, Chicago police were at Daley Plaza as the verdict was being read. You can see dozens of bike officers adjacent to City Hall.

- Our team coverage continues with CBS 2's Marie Saavedra, live at Chicago Police Headquarters. Marie, what's the scene like there right now?

MARIE SAAVEDRA: Brad, generally pretty quiet. But we do have some people here expressing their pleasure with the verdict. But I want to show you what has really been the theme of the day for CPD and its preparation. If you look down the block here-- we're at 35th and Michigan-- and you can see these salt trucks. There's about a half dozen of them down the block, filled to the brim with salt to give them some heft. There's also been some buses that are actually parked on the sidewalk. All there, just in case they need to be used as some sort of barrier. But we have not seen them move all afternoon.

Beyond that, CPD focused on putting those people, as you said, strategically in neighborhoods where they might be needed. They also canceled days off for detectives and some other specialized units should they need a bigger response at some point tonight. Brad, Erica.

- But Marie, did CPD have any reason to suspect any plots or plans for unrest with this verdict?

MARIE SAAVEDRA: You know, they said they did not. They said there wasn't any intelligence that led them to believe anything was preplanned. But much like the rest of the world, they were just waiting and watching this verdict, and then waiting and watching for the response.

- Marie, thank you.