CPS HS students return to classrooms for first time in more than year

Chicago Public Schools high school students returned to class Monday after weeks of negotiations between teachers and the district.

Video Transcript

DIANE PATHIEU: Thousands of CPS students will come back to in-person learning. That will be the first time since March of last year. The teachers union and the District reached a deal late last week. Kids and teachers will come back to school inside safely. Here at Taft High School, up to half of the almost 4,000 students are expected to come back. One third of high school students districtwide say that they are interested in coming back as part of that CPS-CTU deal.

City officials agreed to create a vaccination program for students ages 16 and over and their families. CPS has also installed HEPA air filters, or purifiers in classrooms and enhanced safety protocols guided by the Chicago Department of Health.

We talked to one local mom who's really looking forward to send her kids back to school.

LINDSAY HULLIBERGER: Just having to juggle that all on top of working full time and everything else has been challenging. So switching back now to having two hybrid students feeling like there's some sort of normalcy in their schedule again is exciting for us. I mean, this is what we've been waiting for a whole year.

DIANE PATHIEU: Part of the deal has some students attending in-person learning four days a week, while others attend two days a week. CTU members voted 83% in favor of ratification of this new agreement. Students only have, though, about two months left in the school year.