These Crème Brûlée Cones Let You Eat The Fancy Dessert On The Go

Madison Flager
Photo credit: Madison Flager

From Delish

Crème brûlée is a very specific kind of dessert. You usually eat it after a fancy dinner, or on a cruise ship, or for your birthday—if it's a special occasion, there's a decent chance it'll be there. But a bakery in Los Angeles let's you eat it like you would an ice cream cone, walking down the street. The method: a Crème Brûlée Cone.

The torched sugar confection you see above involves layers of custard, sauce, and even ice cream, if you so choose, inside a thin, delicious crepe that's rolled into a cone shape. Then, a heavy layer of sugar is poured on and torched, creating the crème brûlée effect—the dessert name literally means burnt cream.

The crepes can be customized dozens of different ways: You can add fruit, Nutella, chocolate sauce, ice cream, nuts, or just stick to custard. You can get it crème brûlée-style or not (without is called custard style), if you want a little less sugar...though as most people who walked in while Delish was visiting said, the crème brûlée cone is what Millet Crepe is best known for. When in Rome!

Photo credit: Madison Flager

The shop also sells a line-up of classic sugar crepes with flavors like butter, cinnamon, lemon, or strawberry lemonade, and has a whole case full of homemade chocolates, macarons, and fudge pieces. There's coffee and tea too, which comes in handy to counteract the sugar coma you're sure to enter into post dessert—these cones are deliciously rich but entirely worth it.

Try them out for yourself at Millet Crepe in Los Angeles, CA!


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