How to Craft the Perfect Signature Mocktail for Your Baby Shower

Mocktails are becoming more and morepopular at events with non-drinkingguests—including those at baby showers.Interested in crafting a signaturemocktail for your baby shower?.The key to a delicious mocktail is findinga good substitute for the alcohol.To bring depth and complexity toa non-alcohol drink, you can't gowrong with fresh herbs and fruit.For a delectable signature mocktail youcan make on the fly, you can punch upa pre-made nonalcoholic mixer.Having a coffee-infused mocktail onhand can be helpful for guests thatneed a little midday pick-me-up.Punches and other big-batch beverageswork well for post-pandemic gatherings.Get creative with your glassware, perhapsserving your mocktails in a sippy cup