Crash splits car in half outside Houston fire station

A high-speed crash overnight sent a car into light poles that ended up splitting the car in half.

Video Transcript

STEVEN ROMO: Crews investigating a horrific crash. This happened right in front of first responders at a Southwest Houston Fire station. Police say two cars crashed on Highway 90 near West Belfort just after midnight. And that wreck sent one vehicle crashing into two light poles, which ended up splitting that car in half. ABC 13's TJ Parker is live in front of HFD station 21 to show us that damage. Quite a scene out there, TJ.

TJ PARKER: Yeah, and quite a crash as well. Steven, you had mentioned that the crash was so violent the impact made the car split into two. This is a light pole over here, where that car crashed just outside a Fire Station 21. The suspect's car, by the way, was actually left behind by that suspect driver, just on the road, but the driver did eventually run off. Police were out here since 12:30 this morning cleaning up the crash.

Police say a Chevy Impala was driving North on South Main at a high rate of speed when it hit a slower-moving car from behind, causing that car to spin. It then slammed into two light poles, which fell onto the car. The impact was so great it split the car into two, with the driver in one half and the passenger in the other. The driver had to be extricated out. Both were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Fortunately, firefighters and the EMTs inside were able to get them out quickly.

- As you can tell from the apron of the station, we pretty much go right out onto the highway, and a lot of these people are driving at a high rate of speed. It split the car in half. We had a passenger that was entrapped in one half of the vehicle. And we had an extended extrication because of the weight of the large signal pole crushing down through on top of the driver.

TJ PARKER: All right. Back out here live, you can see the debris scattered everywhere outside of fire station 21 here on South Main Street. Police don't know anything about the suspect driver. They've said there are no direct witnesses to this crash. So if you have any information, you're asked to call police. We're live in Southwest Houston this morning. I'm TJ Parker, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.