Crash victim 'forever grateful' to rescuers who helped he and his family

"It's really nice that people were able to do this favor for me. I hope that if I'm ever in the same situation, I'm able to return the favor."

Video Transcript

- A family of five and their dog in League City is safe after being involved in a rollover crash then getting rescued by good Samaritans. Take a look. Here's video showing the brave heroes. You can see a group of people helping a man out of a Jeep that was flipped on its side. The crash happened yesterday on FM 518 near the feeder. It looks like there's a dog out there, too. Robert Lee says he was driving by when he saw the crash.

ROBERT LEE: I jumped on top of it so I can open up the door and see if they were OK first. After I figured out that they were OK, and there wasn't any life sustaining injuries, you know, then we started to evacuate the survivors.

- Talk about right place, right time. Lee is a retired Coast Guardsman, and says he used his training to help that family. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.