Crazy DIY Roof System for These Crazy Times

BRADENTON, Fla., April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring is here. This time of year usually finds people emerging from their homes to get out, be social, and travel to new interesting places. Times are a bit different now, with more people than ever secluded and pent up in their homes.

Crazy Seal Roofing Products, Inc. at offers people a way to release the restlessness with a fun do-it-yourself roofing project.

Crazy Seal offers DIY roofing kits for RVs, travel trailers, mobile homes and thousands of other flat roofing applications. Application is simple with the suite of installation videos and pdfs available on their website.

The result is a seamless, fiber-reinforced silicone roofing membrane that is waterproof, highly reflective, scratch resistant, flexible, and maintenance free.

Crazy Seal roofing products are not sold in stores. They are ordered directly online at and shipped straight to your door. 

Crazy Seal's President Lee Thaxton comments on their factory direct roofing model, "We are extremely grateful that we went the e-commerce route to launch our seamless roofing system. In these crazy times, our business continues to thrive as more and more people are looking for DIY projects they can do at home."

Lee and his wife Carol developed Crazy Seal from the need they saw in another RV roofing related business they own.

"In our nationwide, full service, mobile roofing business, we received tons of requests for a roofing 'kit' that people could apply themselves to save on labor costs. We didn't offer this in our other business, but we immediately recognized that people need and want a good roofing solution, not the junk you find at most retailers. We spent years working with chemical specialists until we produced and tested a formula that would stand the test of time."

The owners are so confident in the performance of Crazy Seal that it was a no brainer to offer a 50 year product warranty. The Thaxtons successfully developed a DIY roofing system that would be applied once and be maintenance-free moving forward. 

"My wife and I are full-time RV'ers. We know how important a good roof is when you're on the road, and we're proud of what Crazy Seal offers our fellow RV'ers and others looking for a seamless flat roofing solution."

Crazy Seal is DIY roofing done right. For more information on this seamless roofing system and its benefits, visit

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Crazy Seal Seamless RV Roofing System
Crazy Seal Seamless Flat Roofing System

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