'This Is Crazy!' Shopping Center Destroyed by North Dallas Tornado

Three tornadoes swept through the Dallas, Texas, area on the evening of October 20, uprooting trees, snapping utility poles, and damaging buildings, according to reports.

On October 21, the morning after the tornadoes touched down, Dallas resident Jacyln Ram and her husband decided to walk to a nearby shopping center to see how badly it had been damaged. Ram recorded a video that shows ruined storefronts, broken windows, collapsed roofs, and other damage that had been done to the North Dallas shops.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson said there were no fatalities or serious injuries in a press conference on October 21, and local officials are continuing to gauge the damage according to reports.

The National Weather service said the damage found throughout the Dallas area was consistent with an EF-3 tornado in North Dallas, an EF-1 tornado near Rowlett, and an EF-0 tornado north of Wills Point. Credit: Jacyln Ram via Storyful

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