Create your own standing workspace with the "Zest Desk"

Screen shot for the promonional video ZestDesk® The world’s 1st portable adjustable standing desk

The standing desk has been something of a rising trend for the last year, but until now joining in meant actually replacing your workspace.

"Zest Desk" is essentially a portable height extension that can transform any standard work surface into a standing desk.

The desk can be assembled in 30 seconds and features two different height levels -- one for your monitor and one for your mouse and keyboard -- to avoid users' having to crane their necks uncomfortably.

The aluminum frame can be folded up into a portable case and can be ordered with extra monitor stands.

The brainchild of physician Dr. Peter Moore, Zest Desk has been four years in the making but has finally hit crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where it has more than tripled its funding target of $10,000 AUS. The piece is expected to start shipping in April 2015.

The news comes as Swedish furniture giant Ikea unveiled its very own standing desk, the "Bekant Ergonomi" -- the strongest indication yet that the standing desk movement is only going in one direction: up.