Create sweet treats with the kids this holiday season with help from Walmart

Walmart has everything you need to create sweet treats and memories with the little ones this holiday season.

Video Transcript

MADDIE JAMES: Hi. I'm Maddie James, and today I'm giving the lowdown on how Walmart can help you holiday your heart out and make this season one to remember. Today's episode is all about taking your holiday treat decorating skills to the next level, so here I've collected some cupcakes and toppings, all that you can find at your local Walmart.

Now here I have three market side cupcake flavors. I have my personal favorite, the triple chocolate, then you have filled vanilla and chocolate and then red velvet. For toppings, there's the Hershey sugar cookie kisses. Then, of course, you have the Wilton Peppermint sprinkles. One of my favorites is the Ghirardelli white chocolate baking chips, and I really like the mini pretzels because they create this sweet and salty flavor.

So I love taking the mini pretzels, crushing them up kind of like this, and then taking my favorite cupcake, which is the triple chocolate, and just sprinkling it on top. And then you can take a whole pretzel, like this, stick it in the center, and you've kind of just taken one cupcake to make it your own. One of my favorite decorating tips is to take some white chocolate baking chips and melt them, and then drizzle it over your cupcake.

Well Walmart. You've done it again. This makes me almost not want to share this with my kids, but I wouldn't do that. I said almost. You guys, thanks so much for watching. I'm Maddie James, and this has been "In The Know: We Heart the Holidays".

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