CREATIVE CRAFTERS: Tahlequah patrons learn how to make faux leather earrings

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Oct. 2—Creative Craft Corner is a series for library visitors that was launched by the Tahlequah Public Library, led by Sarah Woolard.

On Sept. 30, Woolard hosted a faux leather earring event where adults 18 and over came out to make jewelry for themselves and for friends and family.

Earrings are popular craft items because they are easy to make and easily giftable. They are also sturdy and don't fall apart as easily as other jewelry items that swing around on the body, such as bracelets.

Attendees made earrings from different types of materials, such as faux leather and plastic.

"First, you start with a template, because you need a pattern. And from there, you can choose whatever pattern or glitter or whatever you'd like. Then you trace and cut out whatever pattern you'd like. Preferably, you trace on the back side so you're not seeing anything," said Woolard.

After cutting out the material, she stabbed the top of the earring with a thin punching awl that is intended for leather.

"Then you use these small round hooks, which you use the pliers to open. Then you attach your material to it, then you take your actual ear piece, and connect it to the earring. Then you use the pliers to close the loop," she said.

After giving the demonstration, she showed an example of a completed earring.

"It's very simple," she said.

The activity took place in the Carnegie Room of the library, which is where many of the library's activities take place. For Woolard, activities like these promote comradery, as well as adult literacy.

"I think just to get people out and about. COVID has had everyone stuck at home, not being able to socialize with people. This will bring some people in to do a craft and let them take it home with them. They can speak with others who are here, and visit the library when they're here," said Woolard.

Attendees often leave after having checked out a book, a video, or other library materials. Activities like these also give adults another skill that they can share with their friends and family.

On Oct. 14 at 5:30 p.m., the library will continue its Creative Craft Corner by making masks. The event is for all ages. A limited number of spots will be available. Call or visit the library to reserve a spot.

The Hunger Games Hunt will take place on Oct. 15 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Attendees will have a chance to hunt for 14 medallions that will be hidden throughout Tahlequah. The medallions will represent the 13 districts and the capital from the Hunger Games series. Those who discover each medallion location can return to the library to win a prize.

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