Credit where it's due for recent ER care

We recently experienced an immediate need for medical care in our family and while sitting in my vehicle, ready to go, I was undecided of my destination; St. Anthony’s in Gig Harbor or locally to St. Michael's in Silverdale. I chose the latter. Yes, I had read in this paper of some disruption at St. Michael's, but it is our local medical care hub and it is supposed to be good, so off we went.

Readers, from the initial moment of engagement in the ER, the myriad of the health care providers at “our” St. Michael Medical Center were five-star. We were virtually overwhelmed with courtesy, responsiveness, attention, professionalism, compassion and action. Reception, emergency room staff, attending doctors, medical technicians, surgeons, and post-op staff were all top drawer.

Back home now. All good. Go to your local hospital if you want medical care that is par excellance.

Tom Danaher, Bremerton

This article originally appeared on Kitsap Sun: Credit where it's due for recent ER care at St. Michael Medical Center