Anti-Obamacare group entices students with models and a boozy party



In September, a conservative group called Generation Opportunity launched an anti-Obamacare ad campaign urging young people not to sign up for the health insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act.



The ads featured a clown-like character called Creepy Uncle Sam who performs horrifying pelvic and prostate exams on college students who enrolled in the exchanges. (His services did not appear appreciated.)



You see, in order for the health care law to function, lots of healthy, young people must sign up for the exchanges to subsidize older, sicker insurance seekers. So conservative groups are spending a lot of money to convince them not to sign up.



On Saturday, Generation Opportunity, a group in part funded by billionaire activists Charles and David Koch, threw a tailgate party with College Republicans outside the University of Miami football game to advocate against signing up for the insurance plans.



They set up games of cornhole and beer pong. (Generation Opportunity says they did not provide the booze.)



University of Miami's own DJ Joey spun tunes to draw people in.



There was a pretty wild anti-Obamacare dance party.


The group hired models with bull horns who walked around with anti-Obamacare petitions. Organizers said "hundreds" of students signed a pledge not to enroll in health insurance exchanges.


Bros danced into the night.


They went through 75 boxes of pizza.



And Creepy Uncle Sam earned his nickname.



Welcome to the strange new front in the war over Obamacare.