Crew Aboard ‘USS George HW Bush’ Hold Flashlight Vigil To Honor Vessel’s Namesake

Naomi Kennedy

A sailor aboard the USS George HW Bush salutes the U.S. flag as another lowers it to half mast to honor the vessel's namesake after his death on December 1, 2018.

The dark night sky was brightened last night as the crew aboard the USS George HW Bush gathered together to honor the aircraft vessel’s namesake in a beautiful way, Time reported.

Grouping on the flight deck, crew members held a stunning flashlight vigil for the former commander in chief by standing in a formation that spelled the letters of Bush’s initials and the number 41 to mark his spot in the presidential lineup. The late president’s initials shone brightly during the incredible moment when crew members held their flashlights high in the sky in a breathtaking salute to George H.W. Bush’s support of volunteerism.

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