Crews Battle Fast-Moving Fire Near Wheatland

At least one home has been destroyed.

Video Transcript

- And as we mentioned, at least one home burned in this fire. Cal Fire recorded this video of the scene earlier. You can see how intense those flames were as they shot through the roof of this black smoke billowing up there.

You can see a couple of vehicles that were in front. Possibly the charred remains that we saw in those large-- in those earlier live pictures. A camper possibly as well as a tractor I believe as I was looking closer at this. And of course, all surrounded by charred ground there.

- Deputies are going door to door to evacuate people. This is an area subdivision that's kind of spread out near, so it's not one home on top of the other. And that's a good thing on days like this when the wind is whipping again. At least one home destroyed so far. No reports of injuries, and that certainly the best news of all. Let's get to CBS 13's Renee Santos. She's live on the scene with what you're seeing, Renee.

- Yeah, Tony. Dennis and I arrived on scene about five minutes ago. So this is how close we can get to where that fire is burning. But we can give you a pretty wide look at what's going on here in Wheatland.

Down below, you can see that there are actually hand crews working right now on the ground. We spoke to a woman who was parked not far from here, who said that part of her property was damaged. And up above, you can see a helicopter in the distance doing water drops over above that smoke that you see there. Possibly a structure that is being threatened or has been already damaged by this fire.

And as mentioned, Yolo County deputies have been going door to door telling people to evacuate. This alert immediately going out just before 3:00 this afternoon. That fast moving grass fire threatening homes North of camp far West lake in Wheatland. Wheatland flames burning on intake olaine near Beale Air Force base.

The base immediately sending out an alert telling people house on base to evacuate right away as that fire aggressively approaches towards that area. We know that several homes near the fire line are threatened. At least one home has been destroyed. Surrounding areas need to be on high alert and ready to evacuate if necessary.

This is a developing incident happening live right here in Wheatland. I want to bring you guys back out live. You can see what's going on here. I see a total of 1, 2, 3 helicopters. One now doing water drops. We've also seen a plane up above. Hand crews working at this hour trying to build those containment lines.

We do plan on getting closer to where those active flames are happening, and we will be bringing you updates throughout this newscast. Back to you guys.