Water main break in Mattapan flooding roads and basements

A water main burst at Boston firefighters had tapped into it fighting a fire on Lorna Road on Thursday afternoon.

The fire was quickly put down but the water main left a mess flooding the streets and several homes a block away on West Selden Street.

“Hey Guys across the pond,” said Tani Thompson as she recorded a torrent of water rushing by here home.

‘The water main broke and it just started coming down This side street here Lena Terrace was turned into a river,” said Thompson.

The force of the water buckled the street by the fire hydrant and sent water down the road and through back yards.

“My God I came round the corner and saw water everywhere. I said what’s going on? It was like the Thames had burst,” said Jay McBean who lives on Lorna Road.

The water flowed right past Takijah King’s home. She spotted the water racing by her kitchen window.

“Yeah, it burst and literally pouring all down here all thru West Selden, like a lot of water.,” said King.

Thompson who lives on West Selden says it flowed downhill for more than an hour.

“The houses directly behind mine the waster was coming through their back yard into our backyard,” said Thompson.

But it didn’t stop there.

“And then it just kept going from there and it’s all in the basement.”

Boxes, bags and clothes were all surrounded by water but Thompson is trying to take it all in stride.

“I just think it was coincidental that as soon as we stopped getting rain during the week that’s when this started to happen,” she said.

Adding that she knows this week of wild weather left others much worse off.

“Honestly, we’re here. No one was hurt that’s the upside,” said Thompson.

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