Crews battle brush fire in North Philadelphia, Hunting Park

Fire crews battled a massive brush fire that spread along the train tracks and prompted evacuations in Philadelphia's Hunting Park section.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news on a busy afternoon. A four-alarm fire has been burning here in the area of Hunting Park in North Philadelphia. Chopper 6 HD was over the area just a short time ago. This initially came in as a brush fire, but we've watched as those flames have spread to some nearby buildings. This is in the area of 10th and Venango. This all started just before 3:00 PM. There are some businesses there in the area as well as some homes.

We do know there have, in fact, been some evacuations because of these flames that are spreading. No reports of any injuries, but a lot of firefighters here on the scene in Hunting Park, North Philadelphia, as these flames, initially starting as a brush fire along the railroad tracks, have now spread to surrounding buildings and more brush, as Philadelphia firefighters work to gain control. We'll keep an eye on this four-alarm fire throughout this newscast. And you can always look for updates on