Crews Clear Out Homeless Encampment at City Hall in Bellingham, Washington

Protesters rallied at the scene as crews cleared out a homeless encampment outside city hall in Bellingham, in Washington State, on Thursday, January 28.

Footage taken by Brooke Eolande shows workers cleaning out the encampment, referred to as Camp 210, while police look on and protesters chant.

The Bellingham Police Department had announced on the morning of January 28 they were moving forward to “secure the area to allow Bellingham Public Works to clear the encampment at City Hall and on the Library lawn.”

According to the city of Bellingham, Camp 210 began on the City Hall’s front lawn in mid-November, with many people living there having been “aided by a group working as a collective to assist campers with food and other necessities and to bring attention to the needs of those who are unsheltered.”

Local news reported the city had told camp residents and advocates on Tuesday, January 26, that they had until 4 pm on Friday, January 29, to remove their belongings. Credit: Brooke Eolande via Storyful