Crews continue fight against area fires

Aug. 30—KAMIAH — Firefighters on the Nez Perce/Clearwater National Forests are continuing initial attacks on holdover fires from previous lightning storms, the U.S. Forest Service reported Monday.

Jim Wimer, fire information specialist for the forests, said recent rains have helped with initial attacks but it also has made some of these fires more difficult to detect. Holdover, or "sleeper" fires, can slowly burn and smolder for days or weeks before becoming visible to fire lookouts or detection aircrafts, Wimer said.

So far there have been 162 lightning-caused fires in the Grangeville Dispatch Zone this summer, burning about 1,700 acres on state, private and national forest lands. There have also been 30 human-caused fires that have burned about 2,700 acres on state and private lands.

Some of the blazes firefighters are currently focusing on include:

The Rapid Creek Fire located about 15 miles north of Riggins. Its current size is about 100 acres.

The Twin Lakes Fire about 23 miles southwest of Elk City is burning about one-tenth of an acre with minimal growth.

The Glover Fire located about 12 miles east of Lowell and 5 miles east of Coolwater Lookout is about 40 acres.

The Little Copper Fire located about 24 miles southeast of Lowell and 6 miles southeast of Indian Hill is about 200 acres in size.

The Brave Fire located about 7 miles east of Moose Creek Landing Strip is burning about 2 acres.

The Meadow Creek Fire about 3 miles south of Selway Falls is about a quarter of an acre in size and is expected to be out within a few days.

The Lower Twin Fire located about 20 miles northeast of Headquarters is about 5 acres in size and burning in brush and timber. Fire activity has been moderate but Trail 268 is closed.

The Wallow Fire is located about 25 miles northeast of Headquarters and is about 315 acres in size and burning in brush and timber. There are currently 30 personnel preparing the trail system and Forest Service Road 710. The lookout tower is secured on all sides except the north where there is a 400-foot drop off. There is a closure order in place for Forest Service Trail 101 from its junction with Forest Service Road 710 to Forest Service Road 5371. There is also a closure in for Forest Service Trail 268 from its junctions with Forest Service Road 247 to the trail's end.

The Bruin Hill Fire is located about 20 miles northwest of Powell and is about 3 acres.

The Deep Creek Fire is located about 14 miles northeast of Headquarters and is about 4 acres in size and showing moderate fire activity. There is moderate potential for large growth and there may be future trail closures.

The Wolf Fire is located 28 miles northeast of Headquarters and is burning about 15 acres.

The Cold Springs Fire about 25 miles northeast of Headquarter is about 2 acres in size.

The Double Beaver Fire is located about 9 miles east of Powell and is about 3 acres in size. Multiple crews and aviation resources were fully engaged in suppression operations over the weekend and fire managers expected to continue suppression this week because the weather forecast calls for a return to hot, dry conditions.

The Castle Fire is located about 28 miles northeast of Lowell and is about 377 acres with minimal fire activity over the past couple of days. The Castle Butte Lookout and radio repeater site remain safe and operational.

The Van Camp Fire is located about 15 miles northeast of Syringa and is about 455 acres. It continues to threaten several roads and trails.

The Fire Creek Fire is located within the Coolwater prescribed fire project boundary. The fire is currently about 150 acres and continues to show moderate activity.

The Post Office Fire is located about 14 miles northwest of Powell and is about 50 acres in size. Several road and trail closures are in place.

The South Fork Fire is about 18 miles east of Powell Ranger Station and is about 15 acres with minimal fire activity.