Crews give update on Medal of Honor Museum construction in Arlington

ARLINGTON, Texas - In observance of Veterans Day, the National Medal of Honor Museum conducted a tour of the site currently under construction.

The museum being built in Arlington highlights the nation's heroes and their sacrifices.

It is set to open in March 2025, and FOX 4 was given a preview.

So many unique details and a vast amount of history will come together for Arlington’s National Medal of Honor Museum.

"The exhibit is actually going to have a real-life Huey helicopter that will be sitting in this exhibition hall space for everybody to see," project engineer Martin Pascual said.

At the halfway mark in its construction, a guided tour offers a glimpse of what promises to be a notable destination for the country, offering an up-close and interactive look at the lives and stories of Medal of Honor recipients.

"From the little kid, to the 13-year-old, to the teenager, and the mom and dad, all of that is part of what we are taking into this process. We hope that every one of those people I described will leave inspired in some way and go back and tell their friends and family, "You’ve got to go see this place. It’s unbelievable," National Medal of Honor Museum president Chris Cassidy said.

From the design concept, to the prominently elevated rotunda space and exhibition hall, and conveniently located new museum in the Arlington Entertainment District.

The shape of the structure will actually resemble a Medal of Honor.

There will also be five mega columns, one representing each branch of the military.

"Our hope from that is people walk away inspired," Cassidy added.