Crews Recover Car From Allegheny River

For about four hours Sunday morning, several crews, including the Murrysville Medical and Dive team, worked to get a car out of the Allegheny River. KDKA's Chris Hoffman has the story.

Video Transcript

- Local dive teams spent their morning trying to find out if a sunken car was a crime scene in Springdale Borough, and they had to tow it out of the Allegheny River just to find out. Chris Hoffman reports on what they found.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: For about four hours Sunday morning several crews, including the Murrysville Medical and Dive Team, work to get this car out of the Allegheny River. It was about 200 yards downriver from the Springdale borough boat ramp.

DARRICK GERANO: It depends how well the-- the vehicle's sealed. It will float for a while. So depending on when it went in, what the current was like, I mean, it can actually push it a good ways.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: It is believed to have in the water for a few months to a year. According to the Springdale Borough Police Chief George Polnar, the Army Corps of Engineers found in about three weeks ago. Dive teams were called in to check it out. Now due to the murky water, they couldn't tell if there was a body inside or not, so they decided to get the car out and check.

GEORGE POLNAR: The divers were afraid, rightfully so, to go in the vehicle in case there was any evidence, and they really couldn't tell if there was anybody in there or not.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Police and divers found no body inside. They believe the car was set on fire and dumped into the river.

GEORGE POLNAR: There was one single ignition key in the ignition. The vehicle was in neutral. Surmise the fact that they set it on fire here to the base of the Marina, pushed into the river. It landed where it landed.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: The biggest challenge was dealing with the river currents for divers.

DARRICK GERANO: It seemed like every time we got everything in place the river wanted to relocate it for us.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Investigators will use the car's serial number to try and find the owner. In Springdale Borough, Chris Hoffman, "KDKA News".