Crews Respond To Massive Fire At Domino Sugar Plant

Baltimore City Fire officials are investigating the cause of a three-alarm fire at the Domino Sugar building on Tuesday afternoon.

Video Transcript

RICK RITTER: In Baltimore, turning now to the other big story we are following. A Charm City icon goes up in flames.

NICOLE BAKER: Yeah, Chopper 13, as you see, was over the scene of the Domino Sugar factory this afternoon. The good news is no one was hurt there, but this has to be a big loss for this local company.

RICK RITTER: WJZ live at 7:00 o'clock tonight. Amy Kawata has been on the ground since the flames broke out a few hours ago. Amy, what can you tell us at this hour?

AMY KAWATA: Rick and Nicole, well, still a very active scene out here. Behind me, you can see the significant damage to the silo at the Domino Sugar plant off Key Highway in Locust Point. Now, workers tell me it houses millions, tens of millions of pounds of the raw sugar. Now, the green and black rectangular object you see that's shooting up here is the conveyor belt. That's what we're told the fire spread too. Now, the fire still clearly visible. As you can see, the structure melting here. Crews still working to contain the fire on any remaining hotspots.

Officials say shortly after 3:00, crews were called to a three-alarm fire here at the plant after reports of heavy smoke in the area. Take a look at an aerial chopper video we took from the smoke when it was billowing over the Harbor and city skyline. Officials say when crews arrived on scene, heavy fire was showing from the central part of the Domino Sugar facility.

BLAIR ADAMS: From our understanding, it was in or around the silo the fire started, and made its way onto the conveyor belt, and spread or traveled just a short distance up.

AMY KAWATA: And officials say the fire did not spread to any nearby buildings. No injuries were reported in this incident. And the cause of the fire still remains under investigation. Live in Locust Point tonight, I'm Amy Kawata for WJZ.